Collateral Consequences

A Parent's Criminal Record has a Lifelong Impact…on Their Children

December 10, 2015

On December 10, 2015 , the Center for American Progress (CAP) released a report entitled “Removing Barriers to Opportunity for Parents With Criminal Records and Their Children, A Two-Generation Approach.” This report is the first to focus on the lifelong impact a parent’s criminal record has on their children. According to the CAP Report, nearly…

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Allen’s Story: With a criminal record, when do I get a second chance?

August 12, 2015

SC Appleseed often hears from individuals struggling to move past a prior mistake or criminal record. Sometimes a single mistake made when you are young can have a lifelong impact, like this young man who was convicted of a drug charge while in college. SC Appleseed is working hard to remove barriers to opportunity that…

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A Selma Reflection

May 7, 2015

This week we welcome guest blogger Christina Spach, who recently attended the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma.  The post below is her reflections of the day and what it represents.  Selma was alive with events and speakers tucked into all corners of the town when we arrived on March 8, 2015—the 50th Anniversary of…

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Lawyers 4 Vets Celebrates 1 Year!

April 30, 2015

Over here at SC Appleseed we are celebrating the end of the first year of Lawyers 4 Vets (L4V) Pro Bono Legal Clinic. So much has happened and we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the difference Lawyers 4 Vets has made in just one year! As of April 28 2015, we have had…

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What is the full cost of youth incarceration?

April 1, 2015

Did you know the State of South Carolina spends as much as $155,490 annually to incarcerate a young person? This is in addition to the estimated billions of dollars in long-term costs created by the excessive use of youth confinement, including reduced income levels, lower tax revenue, greater reliance on public assistance, higher costs to…

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Vet Clinic Hits 6 Month Milestone!

November 11, 2014

It’s hard to believe that half a year has gone by since starting the Vet Clinic, but it’s officially been 6 months! Over 600 veterans have contacted our hotline and 90 attorneys have committed to helping them. What a great success story! Our volunteer attorneys have drafted 30 Simple Wills and/or Healthcare Powers of Attorney,…

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South Carolina | #YourVoteCounts

October 29, 2014

 With the 2014 South Carolina election less than two weeks away, we bring you… #YourVoteCounts At SC Appleseed, we know that voting is a way of connecting to and caring about our neighborhoods, our government, and the direction of public policy in South Carolina.  On Tuesday, November 4th, every vote counts. Every vote is a way to…

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SC Appleseed to testify before SC Expungement Study Committee (Wed., 8/27)

August 25, 2014

Around 30% of South Carolinians have a criminal record with consequences that could follow them the rest of their lives…affecting employment, housing, and other opportunities essential to productive citizenship. SC Appleseed has long been an advocate for reducing barriers to opportunity facing all South Carolinians, regardless of their background. This Wednesday, SC Appleseed will give testimony before a newly formed Expungement…

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Making SC a place of opportunity and justice for all.

August 11, 2014

Help make SC a place for opportunity and justice for ALL…one VOICE at a time. It’s simple. 1,000 voices each giving $35 in honor of our 35th year MATCHED dollar-for-dollar will raise critical support to help make South Carolina a place of opportunity & justice for all. HTTP://RALLY.ORG/1000VOICES Here in South Carolina, where society historically has been divided along lines of race and socio-economic…

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Our Voice Speaks For…

August 1, 2014

This year, SC Appleseed is celebrating 35 years as a voice for those in need in South Carolina. During the past 35 years, we have served, helped, advocated, fought for and spoken up for 1,000’s of low-income families, children, seniors, consumers, workers and Veterans. What follows is a list of 35 real-life instances in which SC…

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