Our Focus:

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SC Appleseed advocates at the local and state levels for legislation and policies that will ensure safe, adequate and affordable housing for South Carolinians, while monitoring the enforcement of federal and state laws that can protect an individual’s ability to maintain stable housing.

Our Recent Impact:

2013: Homelessness in Columbia – SC Appleseed was constantly working behind the scenes with partners and allies, concerned citizens and elected officials, service providers and legal experts, to do what we do best – serve as a voice for those in need. We were pleased to have the opportunity to work with Columbia City Council on developing a resolution to address homelessness in our city. We are grateful for city council members who were willing to listen, and we look forward to more work with them.

Landlord-Tenant Law: SC Appleseed has long been the protector of the state’s landlord-tenant law, which is recurrently assailed by opponents of tenant protections.

2012: Updated Advocate’s Guide to Fair Housing (2012)  and Housing Opportunities in South Carolina (2006)

2007 – 2009: SC Appleseed served as a member of the South Carolina Affordable Housing Study Committee, recommending legislative reforms and strategies to address our state’s housing shortage.

2007: An Advocate’s Guide to Fair Housing (2007) – SC Appleseed published a manual for fellow housing advocates. It is intended to give a brief overview of the federal Fair Housing Act and the South Carolina Fair Housing law. It is designed to help the housing advocate spot potential housing discrimination issues and know where else to go for more in-depth analysis

2007: SC Appleseed partnered with the Affordable Housing Coalition of South Carolina and other housing advocates to help create the William C. Mescher Local Housing Trust Fund Enabling Act of 2007, which grants local governments the authority to establish trust funds to address their communities’ housing needs.

2006: Housing Opportunities in South Carolina (2006) –  SC Appleseed published a manual to help South Carolinians understand national, state, and local programs
that may assist them in finding or keeping temporary housing and shelter.