Our Focus:

SC Appleseed works to maximize healthcare for the state’s uninsured through policy development and advocacy.

Throughout our healthcare advocacy, SC Appleseed has called on South Carolina’s leaders to overhaul the state’s patchwork revenue system, so that it can continue to fund critical health care services. We work to safeguard the integrity of all these programs, to eradicate barriers that would impede beneficiaries from receiving their intended benefits. Advocates and legislators regularly consult our staff to ensure that informed, fair, consumer-friendly policies are developed and maintained.

Current Projects:

Affordable Care Act and signupSC

SC Appleseed recognizes the Affordable Care Act, the national health care reform law, as a great opportunity for thousands of South Carolinians to get improved access to quality, affordable health care.

Marketplace that best serves the South Carolina consumer, is easily navigated, and offers policies that truly meet the health care needs of our people.

The Marketplace is a new way for uninsured SC residents to find and signup for a health insurance plan that doesn’t empty their wallet.

Sign Up SC logosignupSC is a website we specifically built for providing valuable, credible, and up to date information on the Federal Health Care Marketplace. This site serves as a resource for individuals, families and advocates in South Carolina to better understand how the Marketplace works.

Need help signing up on the Health Care Marketplace? Visit

Medicaid Expansion Advocacy 

SC Appleseed believes Medicaid is a vital program that provides much-needed health care access to thousands of South Carolinians who could not otherwise get access to care, including vulnerable children and older adults who do not yet qualify for Medicare. We fight to protect the program and fervently support the Affordable Care Act’s new Medicaid option that will bring health care access to at least 178,000 uninsured South Carolinians. For more information please visit

South Carolina Healthcare Voices |

SCHealthcarevoices.orgSouth Carolina Healthcare Voices promotes healthcare change by focusing on the need for national healthcare reform. This website provides information and support to SC citizens who want to address healthcare issues and solve problems. South Carolina Healthcare Voices website combines information, education, analysis and advocacy to inspire the citizens of SC to take an active role in healthcare reform and to making their stories known. With effort, we can help promote change and bring affordable healthcare to all Americans.

Major Healthcare Wins:

2010: In may 2010, after an eight-year effort, SC Appleseed and a broad coalition achieved final passage of a 50-cent hike on the state’s cigarette tax, till then the lowest in the nation, to improve funding of the state’s imperiled Medicaid program.

2009:  In 2009, when it was clear that Medicaid agency was slow in enrolling eligible children, SC Appleseed embarked on an extensive outreach campaign, engaging the media and legislators to educate parents about this important healthcare program. We also joined like-minded consumer and healthcare groups in canvassing South Carolina to education the public and policymakers about the need for healthcare reform, hosting three well-attended town hall meetings.

2007: Our efforts included removing barriers to Medicaid enrollment, working with legislators to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) –  to cover households at 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, rather than 150% – and fending off repeatedly threatened cuts to healthcare programs.