What we do

At the intersection of SC communities, the statehouse and the courthouse.

South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center is a forceful and respected advocate for low-income South Carolinians on issues such as health care, immigration, reentry issues, housing, education, hunger, public benefits, domestic violence, and consumer issues.

SC Appleseed is dedicated to affecting systemic change wherever we can do the most good — in and through the courthouse, legislature, administrative agencies, community and the media. We grow our impact by helping others do the same through education, training and co-counseling.

SC Healthcare Voices

Source for Medicaid stories and pushing for better health care in SC.

Parent Guide for K-12 Students

Our K-12 guide for South Carolina parents provides a detailed look at everything you need to know for children in regards to Special Education, Enrollment, and Discipline.

SC Tenant Voices

Source for information on affordable housing and eviction laws.