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35-people-WEB croppedThis year, SC Appleseed is celebrating 35 years as a voice for those in need in South Carolina. During the past 35 years, we have served, helped, advocated, fought for and spoken up for 1,000’s of low-income families, children, seniors, consumers, workers and Veterans.

What follows is a list of 35 real-life instances in which SC Appleseed has been a voice for someone in need…

We are a voice

For the vulnerable:

1 Homelesss - Boy Asleep on Couch SMALL| for the child whose home is someone else’s couch.

| for the immigrant woman who needs to stay in a domestic violence shelter.

| for kids who need lots of extra help to learn.

| for 90,000 kids kept on Medicaid each year.

| for abused women who need to protect their confidentiality and privacy in court settings.

| for the boy denied education services and kept in an isolated classroom for the school year.

| for the 1 in 4 children in South Carolina who go hungry at night.Lou Bueno Flickr Everything Checks Out

| for the battered woman who needs an interpreter in court for her protection hearing.

| for the child who is trafficked for sex and labor.

| for children in foster care that need protection, services and education.

| for the domestic violence victim who didn’t have laws to protect her.

For those left out:

5 African American family celebrate| for the family who has health insurance for the very first time.

| for the man who can’t get an ID because of his criminal record.

| for children denied citizens benefits because of the immigration status of their parents.

| for patients with preexisting conditions who were denied health insurance.

| for the elderly veteran who needs help writing his will.The Dream is Coming to DC by Justin Valas Flickr B&W small

| for the uninsured in South Carolina who could have been covered if federal funding was accepted.

| for the high school graduate at risk of losing her scholarship due to her parents’ immigration status.

For those taken advantage of:

3 Veteran Elder Hands SMALL| for the elderly couple trapped in the debt cycle of payday lending.

| for the family whose home was being foreclosed on while they were still trying to make payments.

| for the single mom who was protected from abusive debt collection.

| for the college student who could not get his heat turned on by the landlord.

| for the man who saved his home when state exemption laws were changed.

| for the group of renters whose landlord stopped paying the water bill.

| for students who were pushed out of school even though their parents were asking for help.

For those struggling just to get by:2 Elderly couple - Health SMALL

| for elderly people facing higher power bills.

| for a hungry family to get more fruits and vegetables with their SNAP benefits.

| for parents who could get no one else to help their children.

8643695240_a9bc807bfc_o| for those struggling with substance abuse and need services fast.

| for the family going from welfare to work that needs childcare assistance.

| for the low-income family who needs help with their phone bill.

For those who want to help:

| for the 200 lawyers and advocates we train each year through our CLE’s.

| for the pro bono attorneys who volunteer with Lawyers 4 Vets.

| for the teacher who wants to help educate her vulnerable students.

| for 1,000’s in South Carolina who now have legal information just a click away.

Now, it’s time to raise your voice with ours.1000-voices-campaign-banner-WEB

1,000 voices each giving $35 in honor of our 35th year MATCHED dollar-for-dollar  will raise critical support to help make South Carolina a place of opportunity and justice for all.


LEARN MORE: https://www.scjustice.org/2014/06/30/1000voices/

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