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Our K-12 guide for South Carolina parents provides a detailed look at everything you need to know for children in regards to Special Education, Enrollment, and Discipline.

The South Carolina state constitution guarantees all children the right to a free public education. But navigating the education system can be tough. Many parents/guardians run into complications with some aspect of their child’s education at some point or another. The goal of this guide is to answer the most frequently asked questions that parents have about education rights. We want to empower the parents and guardians of South Carolina to know their education rights and fight for the education that their students are entitled to.

How to Use This Guide
This guide is broken into topic areas revolving around school enrollment, special education, and discipline. If you are having difficulty on enrolling your child in school, then check out our school enrollment section. If your child is struggling academically, or has a disability check out the section on Special Education. If your child is in trouble and being disciplined, you should check out our section on school discipline. If your child is getting in trouble and being disciplined frequently, you may want to check out the special education section in addition to the school discipline section. This guide also contains some information about bullying, the rights of LGBTQ students, and immigrant children.

If you have questions or additions that may be helpful to the guide please email our Education Policy Attorney Jennifer Rainville at [email protected]

Learn more about education work at South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center by visiting here: https://www.scjustice.org/brochure-categories/education/

Thank you to Glynnis Hagins for all your help with drafting this guide. Thank you to Mary Reaves at Beginnings SC and University of South Carolina Professor Claire Raj for help with edits to this guide.

Finally, a very special thank you for the contribution of D. Elliott Tait, Education Unit Head at South Carolina Legal Services for all his help in brainstorming, drafting, and editing this guide.

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Guía Para Padres de Carolina del Sur Para Estudiantes de K-12

El sistema de Educación Pública de Carolina del Sur puede ser difícil de entender. Los padres/tutores pueden encontrarse con desafíos en algún momento u otro.

Esta guía responde las preguntas más frecuentes que tienen los padres sobre los derechos a la educación. Aprenda todo sobre sus derechos educativos para luchar por la educación a la que tiene derecho su estudiante.

Destacado en la Guía: Educación Especial, Bullying, Inscripción Escolar, Expulsión, Derechos LGBTQ y de los Inmigrantes, Y más.

¿Preguntas? Envíe un correo electrónico a la abogada de Políticas Educativas del SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center, Jennifer Rainville, a [email protected]

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