No Surprises Act Protects South Carolinian’s from Unexpected Bills

Women seen looking and smiling. Text reads "January 1: No more surprises! Learn about your new protections from surprise medical billing." #NoSurpriseBills in corner.
Image courtesy of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

On January 1, 2022, a new law went into effect called the No Surprises Act. Prior to the act, if you had health insurance and received care from an out-of-network provider or facility, there was a chance you would not be covered in any way by your health plan, causing you to receive a surprise high cost bill in the mail. The No Surprises Act puts a stop to these unexpected out-of-network costs, placing new protections for consumers.

See the document below from U.S. PIRG which helps summarize what a surprise medical bill is and what new protections you now have in 2022. You can also visit the U.S. PIRG website on Ending Surprise Medical Bills and the National Consumer Law Center’s page for Surprise Billing for additional information.