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“Public Benefits” or income supports help families maintain a quality of life when they are unable to secure work or have a barrier to income. Benefits can include direct cash assistance, food assistance, healthcare. It can also mean help with transportation, childcare or other supportive services that a household needs to make ends meet. Our work in this area shapes our mission and focus. In the area of health care, we have fought against obstacles to Medicaid enrollment and worked with legislators to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program. We worked for years to accomplish a 50 cent increase in the cigarette tax to improve funding for Medicaid.

To help eradicate hunger, we have worked to ensure that all eligible households enroll for food stamps. Our staff has testified at the US House of Representatives about the efficacy of the federal food security programs. Supportive services can often help a family find its way off of public assistance into the workforce. In the area of employment, we have worked to maintain the availability of income assistance in the form of Unemployment Insurance.


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