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Parent Guide for K-12 Students

In this guide, we share the rights that parents and students have when it comes to K-12 education in South Carolina.

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SC Healthcare Voices

Visit our sister site schealthcarevoices.org to learn about the importance of Medicaid and hear stories from South Carolinians using the program.

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Housing for All: SC Tenant Voices

Find resources, facts, and information about the importance of affordable housing at our SC Tenant Voices project homepage.

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How Losing Medicaid Can Lead to Spiraling Decisions

Amara recently shared the difficulties she has faced as a tenant facing eviction. As she continued to share her experiences, it became clear that challenges with her landlord were not the only issues that she has had to overcome. From housing to healthcare, a variety of issues often go hand in hand. And for Amara…

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“I wanted to cry so bad. Now I feel I’m stuck.” – Amara’s Housing Story

When it comes to being a tenant, sometimes trying to do everything right is not enough. That’s a lesson that Amara* has learned in the hardest of ways.  Amara is a mother of three children, who also often cares for four of her nieces and nephews, since their mother tragically passed away. For more than…

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Medicaid Renewal Starts April 1, 2023: Don’t Lose Coverage

During the pandemic, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare issued a Public Health Emergency (PHE). This meant that no one could be taken off of Medicaid during that time. It has been announced that on May 11, 2023 the PHE will be ending. The state of South Carolina will be sending out Medicaid renewal forms…

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