SC Appleseed Awarded Grants From Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas to Continue Social Justice, Racial Equity Work Spanning Over Forty Years

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Columbia, SC—South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center was named among 18 organizations across South Carolina who received employee-directed grants from Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas to continue social justice and racial equity projects with statewide impact.  In total, SC Appleseed received $30,000, with $20,000 from Duke Energy and the additional $10,000 from Piedmont Natural Gas.

For more than 40 years SC Appleseed has been committed to pursuing social, legal, and economic justice for lower income South Carolinians. This work is perhaps best exemplified by the organization’s work during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which began within weeks of the start of the crisis. This work has placed SC Appleseed at the forefront of efforts to ensure pandemic resources are accessible to those who need them most and distributed equitably. From SNAP to criminal justice reforms to stimulus, SC Appleseed has been engaged at nearly every imaginable point of the relief offered because of the pandemic.

“We are so grateful to the employees of Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas for the decision to invest in expanding social and racial justice in every corner of our state. We are committed to the advancement of equity and equality in South Carolina, and this partnership will allow us to do more in a time when there is so much work to be done,” said Sue Berkowitz, Director, SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center.

As the current crisis continues and into the years beyond, SC Appleseed will continue to advocate for long-term solutions to systemic and social justice issues faced by so many communities in South Carolina.