Share Your Housing Story

South Carolinian stories about the importance of housing.

Why Share Your Story?

Finding and maintaining affordable, stable, and accessible housing has become increasingly difficult throughout our state. South Carolina has one of the highest eviction filing rates in the country, and injustices such as rent hikes have only made problems worse for tenants.

types of stories

Tenant Stories
This is for folks who have rented homes, apartments, or other housing spaces in SC. If you’ve experienced issues like poor conditions, rent hikes, difficulty finding affordable housing, or any other challenges, we want to hear from you! We also want to hear from folks who have benefited from rental assistance programs or housing vouchers to showcase positive change in access to affordable and stable housing.

Eviction Stories
This is for folks who have been evicted in the state of South Carolina. This may include a personal story or someone in your household who has experienced eviction from a home, apartment, or other dwelling in S.C.