Understanding President Trump's Executive Orders: Immigration & Border

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Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements

The order focuses on border security in several ways:

  • Requiring the building a wall staffed by local, state, and federal officers.
  • Adding up to an additional 5,000 border agents.
  • Staffing detention centers with immigration judges, so that trials can happen more quickly.
  • Ending the “catch and release” system. This means that individuals will be held in detention centers until their case is heard.
  • Requiring all department and agency heads to report all sources of direct and indirect Federal aid given to the Mexican government over the past 5 years.
  • Finding ways to give state and local law enforcement the same powers and functions as immigration officers.
  • Requiring all Department of Homeland Security staff to be trained on identifying and preventing human trafficking.
  • Allowing all officers and employees of the United States, as well as all state and local officers to enter Federal lands as needed.

Requiring monthly reports on the number of immigrants arrested. This information must be put in a form that is easily understandable for the public.