STATEMENT: Attorney General Wilson must end challenge to popular DACA program

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Attorney General Alan Wilson must end challenge to popular DACA program

The Attorney General’s decision threatens thousands of Dreamers in SC, due to Congress’s failure to update immigration laws

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Monday, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson joined South Carolina onto a lawsuit aiming to end the highly successful and popular Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

This is the second time Attorney General Wilson has moved to drag South Carolina into an effort of this type. The first attempt was dropped in September of last year, when the Administration announced it would bring the DACA program to a close. However, the termination of DACA has been placed on hold by a number of Federal judges who’ve each determined the program should be left in place.

Given the current prevailing opinions in Federal court, it is hard to imagine any legitimate justification for using the tax dollars of hardworking South Carolinians to pursue this legal action.

Furthermore, according to a Fox News poll, 83% of Americans support a pathway to legal status for Dreamers. By joining this lawsuit, our state is threatening the future of thousands of hardworking young immigrants—all because members of Congress have been unwilling to act upon the wishes of the vast majority of Americans.

Dreamers are essential to the future of our state. It is long past time for Attorney General Wilson to end this effort, thinly veiled under the guise of the “rule of law”. This approach is out of step with the majority of South Carolinians, and the Attorney General should see his way clear of this legal challenge until Congress fixes our outdated immigration system.