South Carolina Appleseed Welcomes American Rescue Plan, Calls For More Action

Last week, the American Rescue Plan delivering relief to millions of Americans was signed into law. The bill extends some relief measures already in place, while also expanding other programs and benefits.

The American Rescue Plan:

  • Provides $1,400 stimulus payments, per person.
  • Extends the $300 per week unemployment benefits.
  • Expands the Child Tax Credit & Earned Income Tax Credit, making it paid monthly, lifting 50 percent of our country’s children out of poverty.
  • Extends the 15 percent increase to SNAP (food stamp) benefits.
  • Provides rent & utility assistance to prevent homelessness and assist households struggling because of the pandemic.
  • Funds Covid-19 response & vaccine distribution.
  • Increases access to affordable healthcare, including incentives for states to expand Medicaid,
  • Increases premium assistance for those with coverage through the marketplace and ensures no one pays a premium more than 8.5 percent of their income.
  • Allows UI beneficiaries to receive healthcare through the marketplace at no out of pocket cost.
  • And more.

Each piece of this bill is vital for the economic recovery. We applaud the members of Congress who worked to keep these provisions intact and pass this bill. But there is more to be done. Many of these added benefits are not automatic. South Carolina’s state lawmakers must act to bring additional resources to the state. In the coming weeks there will be more opportunities to use your voice, urging state and federal lawmakers to build upon the foundation laid by the American Rescue Plan.

Thank you for your messages to your Representative and SC’s Senators. As I’ve said often over the years, we’re working every day to make South Carolina a place we’re proud to call home. I still believe we will achieve this goal—together.