Quick Answers to Questions about P-EBT

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We have been asked several questions from folk having problems with getting their P-EBT benefit.  Some have only a partial benefit. SC Appleseed reached out to DSS about these problems.  We have learned the following:

There is NO application for P-EBT

The benefit will be distributed automatically to eligible South Carolina families. You do not need to apply.

If you get SNAP, your P-EBT benefit should go onto your EBT card on your regular SNAP day. 

If that day has passed and your P-EBT deposit is still missing or incomplete, most likely there is a mismatch between the information for your child that was shared between the school system and DSS. For example: the spelling of the names or birthdays did not match the information in your SNAP case. You should email DSS at [email protected]. DSS will look into it and reply back to you

If you do not get SNAP and are worried whether DSS has your correct address to mail you your P-EBT Card

 DSS has an address confirmation portal on its website


If you think you are eligible for P-EBT benefits, this portal will let you check and/or update your current mailing address. Please visit the website before July 19th so you can get your address confirmed before that date. You will need to provide your child’s “Student ID Number.”  Cards will begin mailing July 20th.

If you are still having trouble even after taking these steps, please fill out this form so we can understand your situation and see if we can provide additional assistance: https://forms.gle/yAphx1tz453oFADq6