Meet Randy, one of SC Appleseed's Interns Extraordinaire

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RandyRandy Moore joined SC Appleseed in August of 2014 as an MSW intern with a concentration on organizations and communities.   During his time here, Randy has assisted in a wide array of reform efforts on such issues as healthcare, child welfare, public benefits, immigration, and homelessness to name a few. His previous public policy and research experience has helped him really understand how legislation shapes opportunity for low-income South Carolinians.   You might remember him from this guest blog a couple of weeks ago.  Ready to get to know Randy a bit more?  He took some time to answer some questions about himself and his work here at SC Appleseed…

  • What most excites you about your work at SC Appleseed & the contribution you can make?

I feel a great sense of pride in having the opportunity to work with an organization such as SC Appleseed. Cultivating my own professional knowledge with such brilliant group of people has been a defining moment of my graduate experience.   (*SC Appleseed note:  we swear we didn’t pay him to say that!)

  • What can’t you stop talking about?

I am a history nerd, so I get quite excited when I have an opportunity to discuss the ways in which policy or significant cultural events have paved the road to the present.

  • What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

I enjoy spending the weekend with friends and family and having an opportunity to catch up on personal interests like going to concerts or catching up on some reading.

  • What would be impossible for you to give up?

Hands down, music would be the most difficult for me to give up. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t sing or play music and spent most of my childhood developing a relationship with both the piano and guitar.

  • Who is a hero of yours?

As a teenager, I became a great admirer of Robert F. Kennedy. I credit his 1966  “Day of Affirmation” speech as having profound effect on my desire to pursue a career in public service.

  • What’s something quirky about you?

I was born on the fourth of July.

Following graduation in May, Randy hopes to continue working in the realm of public policy advocacy and educational outreach before returning to a PhD or JD program, so if you might be hiring the near future – take note!  Thanks, Randy, for everything you do to make SC Appleseed a big success.  We couldn’t do it without you and other volunteers, supporters and interns just like you!