Working, but Uninsured. Lynn's Story.

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LynnSmallMy name is Lynn Campbell and I am a resident of Edgefield County. I am currently uninsured and chose to share my personal story about my situation in hopes that together we can close the health insurance coverage gap in SC; not just for me, but for all of the others just like me in South Carolina.

I work over 35 hours a week as a substitute teacher, but substitute teachers are not offered benefits of any kind even though I work full time. My passion for educating our future inspires me every day.

I live with my elderly mother, Ora and my son, Patrick. Patrick works at Walmart with no health care benefits at this time, but we are hoping that since he is working full time, he will be eligible for coverage soon.

I do not like to bring up my health issues, however I have to deal with pain every day, pain in my hips and legs, and have multiple sinus infections a year that go untreated. I have an issue with my endocrine system as well – at times, my body goes through severe hot itching, whelps and swelling.

The last time I had a mammogram was July of 2011 because I do not qualify for affordable health care coverage. I do not get regular checkups because they are too expensive when you are uninsured like me. When the pain gets too bad, I visit the Emergency Room because I do not have another option, and often leave without the medications I need because I cannot pay for them.

I am thankful for my family, because sometimes I have no choice but to rely on their financial help to purchase medications. I need more medications now, but simply cannot afford to purchase them, so I try to live with the pain.

Despite my devotion to my work and family, being uninsured makes me feel embarrassed, inadequate, miserable, oppressed, and depressed, not to mention angry that my representatives would reject a proposal that would bring affordable health insurance to working South Carolinians like myself. I put off getting care after learning that because of my income status, I did not qualify for affordable health insurance in South Carolina – a situation that could easily be reversed if our lawmakers closed the health insurance coverage gap. These are the times when I just have to wait until the sickness passes through.

The lack of health insurance coverage affects me and my family to the point where it’s frustrating, depressing, and emotional because my body is in constant pain, sometimes every day. It affects my entire family because there are times when I have to rely on them, and there are times when they don’t have money to give.

I am strongly urging my lawmakers to please take my situation into consideration, and do what they can, do what they know is right, and HELP every citizen in our state to make our health worth the vote to expand health care coverage.

Thank you,

Lynn M. Campbell

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