Important Information: South Carolina Supreme Court Reschedules Evictions Between March 17 and March 31

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On March 17th, the South Carolina Supreme Court  issued an order about evictions. All evictions scheduled between March 17, 2020 and March 31, 2020 will be rescheduled sometime after April 30, 2020.  The court is allowing case-by-case exceptions for matters involving essential services and/or harm to persons or property, so some evictions may still go forward.

This is important help for families facing eviction during this crisis.  It’s important to know that this order does not affect any other deadlines.  This includes deadlines to file an answer with the court if you are given eviction papers.  If you are served with eviction papers, you have 10 days from the day you get them to ask for a hearing.  If you don’t ask for a hearing in time, the court may issue an eviction order without a hearing.

Anyone who is served with eviction papers should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.  The South Carolina Bar Lawyer Referral Service can be reached at (800) 868-2284 and can give you the name of a lawyer who may be able to help.  If you can’t afford to pay an attorney, you can contact South Carolina Legal Services at (888) 346-5592 to see if you can receive free legal advice or representation.