What is DACA? 

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA is a policy that protects around 800,000 young people — known as “DREAMers” — who entered the United States as children. The program does not grant them official legal status or a pathway to citizenship, but it does allow them to apply for a driver’s license, social security number, and work permit.

Why does DACA matter in South Carolina? 

  • There are over 5,330 people living with DACA in South Carolina.
  • DACA brings in over $252.1 million in annual GDP
  • 92% of DACA recipients are pursuing educational opportunities that were not possible before gaining DACA.

“just becoming a citizen” isn’t an option for Dreamers. 

Most DACA recipients are not eligible for a green card. In fact, very few people in the world are. The main way to get a green card is by family reunification meaning, an immediate relative or spouse must sponsor the individual. However, even if someone in the US illegally does get a sponsor, the dreamer MUST return to their home country to apply for a green card, yet that creates a problem itself, because it could result in an automatic ban from returning to the US for a certain period of time (often three or ten years).

What can you do to protect DACA South Carolinians? 

DACA dreamers want to continue serving society and our communities with some certainty, peace of mind, and affirmation that they belong in this country. 

Going back to an unrecognizable country and serving a 10-year penalty is NOT an option. These dreams are tired of being stuck, suspended in uncertainty, and no clear path to citizenship in a country they have known most of their lives. 

The fact of the matter is DACA needs to stay for the future of these people, our people of South Carolina. 

Here's how you can help...

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About DACA United SC


DACA United S.C. is an advocacy and support group for recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and allies across South Carolina. DACA United S.C. resists and combats anti-immigrant legislation and provides resources and services to DACA recipients to face the current and changing political climate.