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SC Appleseed works to safeguard all immigrants’ rights, collaborating with state agencies to ensure that no unnecessary hurdles prevent immigrants from realizing the protections afforded by our laws. We also provide education and advocacy to our state’s legislative delegations on immigrants’ rights and the need for comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level.

SC Appleseed successfully advocated for exceptions in the anti-harboring provision of a state immigration law that would have made it a felony for humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to an undocumented immigrant. Had these exceptions not been included, staff at domestic violence shelters, food banks, hospitals, clinics or churches could have been jailed simply for doing charitable work.

SC Appleseed collaborated with the Department of Education to stop the illegal practice in some school districts of demanding a child’s social security number before enrolling the student. SC Appleseed gives special attention to the plight of immigrant children, who in many cases are here through no decision or effort of their own, but under current law have no path to citizenship and its benefits. These efforts include advocating for policy improvements through the Children’s Justice Act Task Force, a committee of the Children’s Law Center at USC School of Law, and providing training to the South Carolina Guardian ad Litem Program.

Other training programs on immigrants’ rights have been offered to English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and immigrant students, through the Department of Education, and to social workers handling cases of abuse, through the Department of Social Services.

SC Appleseed joined a broad coalition of state and national public interest organizations to sue the State of South Carolina and enjoin the enforcement of South Carolina’s anti-immigrant Arizona copycat law.


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