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As an advocate for the working poor, a primary focus for SC Appleseed has always been to protect individuals’ and their assets from abusive loan practices. At the SC legislature SC Appleseed helped draft South Carolina’s ID theft law and the SC Consumer Home Loan and High Cost Mortgage Act. SC Appleseed worked to increase property exemptions for people facing financial ruin, helping them to save their homes, cars and other personal properties that are critical to fiscal recovery. SC Appleseed participated in the legislative efforts to license mortgage lenders in South Carolina. Early in the foreclosure crisis, SC Appleseed assumed a leadership role, training pro bono attorneys around the state, preparing them to defend cases. SC Appleseed helped bring national attention to the unconscionable practices of payday lenders in South Carolina and worked with legislators to develop and adopt legislation reining in the payday lenders at the end of that year.


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